At least it’s not only South Africa

Taken from John Vigor’s blog article “Are you a drunken operator

A vessel, apparently, is “every description of watercraft on the water . . . capable of being used as a means of transportation on the water” with the illogical exception of seaplanes, inner tubes, air mattresses, sailboards, and small rafts or flotation devices or toys customarily used by swimmers.

Thus, in the eyes of the legislators, your dinghy is a “vessel” and if you have too many drinks in the club before rowing the dinghy back to your yacht, the cops can nab you for drunken boating.
The answer, it seems, is to paddle back to your boat on an inner tube or small raft. You can get as drunk as you like then, and the fuzz can’t touch you. At least, not under these laws.
So, it would appear that South African law enforcement values our lives as much as any first world country does….. or our legislators are just as ridiculous as everyone else out there? Your choice……!

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