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Slow progress is being made in returning the boat to her former self after the recent unauthorised PNYC clean-out. The main challenge, I’m finding, is missing critical tools to perform simple jobs on board. The stove and base were manufactured in the workshop back in Dirtville but a certain amount of measurement and cutting was required to finalise the supports and hang the assembly in the gimbals. Arriving on board to find no hacksaw in residence almost put paid to the proceedings. I was pretty sure I replaced that saw, the one which was stolen with the rest of the tools but after turning the boat upside down and shaking hard I can safely say I didn’t [not unless I hid it so well that now not even I can find it]. Fortunately my neighbour in the next slip had a half-a-hacksaw-blade in his kit which he kindly donated and I managed to get the bits cut and installed. [It’s not easy gripping half-a-hacksaw-blade]. It still needs some work to pretty it up, varnish the base and the gas hose needs to be properly routed still but for now it functional and at least I can brew a cup of coffee without feeling like I’m camping in the wild.

The new galley taking shape

The new galley taking shape

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