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A good read, especially if you have held the belief that you have to have deep pockets to own and sail a small yacht. This book is full of useful ideas to make your yachting budget stretch that little bit further.

Why I Wrote This Book: Writing is what I do for a living as I sail. I’m a fulltime professional writer and have been for almost my entire life. So my primary reason for writing this book is to earn money to keep cruising. But I’m also motivated by the fact that, strangely, no one has ever written a book like this. Sure, there are dozens of books telling you which boat to buy and which gear to buy to outfit it. But there are none telling you how you can Buy, Outfit, and Sail—even if you only have a pocket full of pennies and some audacious dreams. I recently read an article entitled How To Manage Your Haulout. It chronicled bringing a fancy boat to a pristine yacht yard, and spending $78,000 to have other people work on it. I don’t have a fancy yacht. Nor do I have $78,000. So the article was of no value to me. I am going to repeat my core premise: You don’t need much money to buy a boat, fix it up, and sail around the world [Ed or sail the Vaal for that matter] —that you can have twice the fun on one-tenth the money of the rich yachtsman who is circumnavigating with a bulging checkbook. If you don’t give up, you will eventually see that I am right.”

Goodlander, Cap’n Fatty (2011-11-03). Buy, Outfit, and Sail (Kindle Locations 502-505). . Kindle Edition.

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