The next job onboard ……. it never ends !





The closest I can get to my yacht is a …. tractor !

Ok. Ok. 15W40 is 15W40 right. But I ended up with this one because [no, no, not because of the tractor] my YSB12 manual recommended Shell Rimula. There we go then!

recommended oil


So, the oil change endeavor experienced a temporary setback last weekend.

Everything was there –  the manual-oil-extraction-pump, the used-oil-container, the multiple piles of rags and tissue paper to wipe up the inevitable mess.

Strider thought we were leaving on an early cruise as we motored out to warm up the oil. 20 minutes later, back on the mooring, it was all systems go.  That is until the pump did nothing but make hissy-slurpy air-sucking noises. Nothing I did could coax the beast into actually sucking oil from the sump.

Fast-forward to Thursday the week after and I have found the solution. I’m confident [as confident as can be] that this will work. It wasn’t cheap but then I’m not planning on selling or sinking the boat within the next 20 years, so over that period I’m hoping it will turn out to be money well spent.

The real cool thing about this pump [when it works next weekend] is the internal reservoir. Now I only have to have a single rag for preventing drips as I extract the suction pipe from the sump.!!

Watch this space for a report on successful oil extraction and renewal !!!!



Finally, some many days after the start of this exercise the oil is finally changed. And it was less messy than anticipated, thanks to the pump itself.

The oil siphon pump

The oil siphon pump


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