Two Feet

Two Feet. That’s all (in theory) that’s different between Sole sUrchin and Ocean Blue. Two Feet.

But with boats life is seldom simple or obvious.

Of course I’m comparing two very different yachts, with two very different design briefs – the Trapper 28 and the Miura.

Obviously, the first question that springs to mind is “Why the heck is he comparing those two yachts?”. On paper they don’t even fall in the same category and wouldn’t be compared by anyone who knows their stuff. But, I am Clewless after all, and well, those just happen to be the current and most recent boats in my life, so for me the comparison is obvious and relevant.



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2 Responses to Two Feet

  1. Robbie Beeton says:

    Good morning! I came upon your website last year and was enthralled! Shallane and I are from Polokwane, and are members of Mountain Yacht Club at the beautiful Ebenezer dam near the village of Haenertsburg. We have a Stadt 22 which we keep on the water at MYC, and a Vivacity 20 on a trailer which we restored at the beginning of last year. We are not racers, but we brought the boat up for the RTIR 2017, and had much pleasure sailing around the “main area” of the Vaal before the race day. At Easter we sailed for six days at Gariep, and learned a lot. It was our first proper cruise with five nights out on the water. Your website strikes a distinct chord within us. We have entered our V20 in this year’s RTIR and hope get some cruising done as well, Regards Robbie Beeton

  2. gary says:

    Great to see you posting again!!!

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