Stadt 26

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  1. Smee says:

    The DOLPHIN is an extremely modern design of a very fast cruiser/racer. It is a noticeably spacious yacht. A family of 4 can easily spend the night aboard without rearranging the cabin seating. A spacious toilet guarantees the privacy. The 12 HP diesel engine is more than adequate for this yacht which weighs less than 2 tons.

    The yacht is especially designed to be built according to the Glass-fibre wood core construction or the diagonal round bilge wood epoxy method. In this way, and in not too long a time, you achieve a tremendously strong modern 26 footer capable of competing with every other yacht in its class.

    If you plan to race, we then recommend the deep keel. As an extra to the building plans you can order millimetre-accurate frame drawings to full scale. This ensures that the building of this elegant, highly modern yacht is a guaranteed success.

    Dolphin 26
    Length over all 8.00 m
    Length waterline 6.40 m
    Beam 2.80 m
    Draft 1.50 m
    Draft 1.10 m
    Displacement 1.80 t
    Ballast 0.70 t
    Sail area fractional rig 39.3 m²

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